This is the case of the job evaluation I applied for the role of UX/UI Designer in the company Cidenet S.A.S. in December 2023, where I worked 8 months in that role.
The purpose of this case is to show development and user experience skills. An emerging company called Cidenet Pictures located in Colombia and dedicated to the sale of movie tickets through the internet, wants to continue expanding its business and strengthen its digital sales channel, through the construction of a transactional portal that allows selling tickets online. 
It is required to develop a responsive web application to meet the need for expansion of Cidenet Pictures.
Desktop and mobile app
My role
UX/UI Designer
Web Developer
Tools and Technologies
Visual Studio Code
Requirements for the test
When the user selects one of the movies, he/she should go to a screen where more detailed information about the movie is displayed:
- Title
- Genre
- Synopsis
- Promotional image
- Format (3D or 2D)
- Duration
- Available times, must be a drop down list, available times will always be 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm.
- Ticket value

When selecting the schedule of preference and pressing the Reserve button, a window with the view of available seats will be presented, the user will be able to select the seats of his preference. Each time you select or deselect a seat, you will see a change in a text indicating the number of tickets and the total value of the reservation (number of tickets x ticket value).

To finish, click on the Save button, the pop-up window will close and the reservation information will be uploaded to the user's reservation list. An e-mail with the reservation details should be sent.

The delivery of tickets is done on site, therefore, at this time, the seats selected by the user should be unavailable for the selected movie and time.

All reservations are made for the current day, so a user will not be able to make a reservation for a time slot that has already passed on the day the reservation is made.
User story
User flow
Homepage Mockup
Movie Detail Mockup
Seat Selection Mockup
Reservation Mockup
Figma Project
Front-end by Boostrap Framework
Go live project on Netlify

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