Executive Summary
Project Name: Kiggu Pro Mobile App
Client: Kiggu Cybersecurity
Project Duration: 9 weeks
Services Provided: Brand Design, UX/UI Design
Project Objectives: Improve user experiences and interfaces in all customer journey
Year: 2023
Used tools: Figma, Figjam, Illustrator, Photoshop
Platforms: Wordpress, ClickUp
Context: The startup's needs were related to improving UX/UI throughout the user journey. They already had several interface and branding designs, but they were not satisfied. So I decided to use Double Diamond methodology as a framework.
I was faced with 4 challenges:
1) The first problem I encountered was the lack of research.
2) Lack of user testing
3) The visual identity was inconsistent
4) The development team was not clear on the design assets needed for the implementation.
Creative approach: 
1) Design customer journey map
2) Create sitemap for the mobile app
3) Design scenario and proto-personas
4) Design user tasks
5) Design user flow 
UX Process
Since there was no user research, I proceeded to interview stakeholders qualitatively and seek answers to understand first, their target market, what kind of product will fill a need, what ideas they have in mind and understand users flow so I can finally use the double diamond as a framework.
Design Stage
For the wireframing stage I decided to create universal components with 3 colors to show the team in a minimalist way the ideas for the interface design.
Atomic Design System
The atomic design system was defined after wireframing, with necessary and usable elements for the efficient construction of the mobile application.
Hi fidelity mockups
I share the positive user flow and performing the 3 steps for scanning for vulnerabilities in devices.
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