Executive Summary
Project Name: Novamundi, Floriculture Exports
Client: Novamundi SAS
Project Duration: 8 weeks
Services Provided: Brand Design, Web Design, Audiovisual
Project Objectives: Creating an international brand
Context: The need of the company was to create its website, its visual identity with the purpose of making itself known worldwide as an expert floriculturalist and with the capacity to export all over the world.
Problem: I was faced with 3 challenges:
1) The web domain was registered in the name of a third party outside the company.
2) The second challenge was that they had no good quality, professional images of their own.
3) Lastly, they did not have a defined brand purpose or other attributes necessary to make themselves known.
Creative Approach: The agreement we reached was:
1) Contact the domain owner and share with him the DNS of Estudio Pacifico and have control of the web development.
2) We made a professional photography production and video recording with drone and fixed camera with 4K resolution.
3) Share a survey to get qualitative research data and make a coherent brand design proposal.
Key Elements: The most important elements for this project are the professional photos, drone and fixed camera shots that helped us to develop relevant material to show the floriculture production.
Tools Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, Elementor, Tally, Trello, Google Sheets.
Lessons Learned
Key Takeaways: Changing methodology, it allowed me to impact and surprise the client in a more emotional way, which allowed me to get closer to the client, to connect from emotion and passion. Reaching the client's expectations and seeing his dream of having a brand and a website come true, making him happy with the final result and that we are creating a more human relationship connected with nature and showing it in a professional way.
Also being patient with clients is something you learn over time, and in this case, we had a long pause but then we aligned ourselves with the same energy.
Highlight Achievements: Seeing the client's happy face and hearing how excited he was to see the results was a moment of fulfillment and professional pride.
Initial proposals
Logo approved and mockups
Primary logo
Primary logo
Secondary logo
Secondary logo
Website Ideation
Client Testimonial
"Excellent person, very helpful and willing to advise you in the best way and according to your needs, she did a wonderful job."
Leidy Valencia, Manager at Novamundi SAS

"Excellent work, the accompaniment and advice on all issues, is very professional."
Edwin Hoyos Toro, Business Owner at Novamundi SAS
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